Quality Standards

UMC follows stringent quality specifications in accordance with ISO, ASTM and ECCA standards to meet the customer quality requirements.


UMC has a modern in-house laboratory to conduct all necessary mechanical and Paint Tests such as

  • Salt Spray/ Corrosion Test
  • QUV Weathering Test
  • Ericcsion Cupping Test
  • Impact Test
  • Cross Hatch Test
  • Colour Cabinet Test
  • Boiling Water Temp Test
  • Taber Abrasion Testing
  • Pencil Hardness Testing
  • Bend Test/ Conical Mandrel Test
  • Scratch Resistance
  • BYK 45 Spectometer
  • Data colour Spectometer with color matching software
  • Roughness Ra Tester
  • Fisher Coating Guage
  • Gloss Meter

UMC conducts regularly long-term tests such as Salt Spray, Humidity, UV Weather Testing and Florida Exposure testing to ensure long term properties of products supplied to our customer.